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Both the "Standards for the Professional Practice of Environmental, Health, & Safety Auditing" and the "Competency Framework for Environmental, Health & Safety Auditors" were adopted by the BEAC® Board of Directors in accordance with BEAC®'s Articles of Incorporation, mission to promote high standards of practice and efforts to be the lead organization for quality certification of environmental, health and safety auditing professionals.

Over the last year, a group of representatives from the Auditing Roundtable (AR), the Board of Environmental, Health & Safety Auditor Certifications (BEAC), and The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) developed an initial framework for EHS auditor competencies. This project is part of the trilateral agreement of the three organizations joining together to help improve the resource information available for EHS auditors. The overall purpose of the project has been to develop a set of Foundational, Functional, and Technical Competencies which cover the EHS audit scope. This framework is intended to assist those planning for, hiring, evaluating, and developing EHS auditors.

This information is non-binding guidance and intended to provide useful information when planning or evaluating an EHS audit activity. The result of this effort, which contains competencies, definitions, and levels of performance expected for various key roles in EHS auditing, can be viewed here.

The trilateral group supports the usage of these competencies and intends to further use them in developing training courses and materials to supplement these skills and aid in the continued development of EHS auditors. Several courses have already been identified and some are already available through the AR. Linkage of these competencies to skills tested in the BEAC examination process is also anticipated although no formal adoption has been made at this time.

We recognize that this is a journey and intend to keep the matrix refreshed over time as new requirements occur and skills change. We intend to continue to periodically update this information and invite your feedback, inputs, and questions regarding this project.

The Performance and Program STANDARDS for the Professional Practice of Environmental, Health and Safety Auditing" were revised in 2008 and are now available for purchase.

Current CPEAs will receive one complimentary copy. New BEAC applicants will receive a complimentary copy once their application has been processed.


Standards comparison: BEAC and ISO 19011

How do the BEAC Performance and Program STANDARDS for the Professional Practice of Environmental, Health & Safety Auditing compare to the ISO 19011:2002 Standards? BEAC recently collaborated on a presentation made at the AIHce 2010 conference, which highlight key similarities and differences between the two standards. You can access the point-by-point analysis here.

The BEAC Training & Education Committee has developed a list of available resources.

  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Responsible Care®

The Institute of Internal Auditors has many reference materials available through its Bookstore.

Surveys and results

Instant Benchmarking Survey - Auditing Roundtable 2012 National Winter Meeting

During the January 2012 conference, BEAC sponsored audience response devices and collaborated with John Nagy of AECOM to gather feedback on two primary topics: Integrated Auditsand Technology in Audit Programs. Included was a quick question for a potential future benchmarking topic. View the results here.

EHS Audit Practices Survey results

A 2010 survey of corporate-level EHS audit practices of more than 50 U.S.-based multinational companies produced interesting results.  As a follow up, BEAC and The Auditing Roundtable asked participants to complete a survey with 18 additional questions to help identify common EHS audit program challenges, issues, and opportunities; validate current practices; and identify ideas for further improvement of existing audit processes. The responses were presented and discussed at The Auditing Roundtable conference in Philadelphia. In addition, BEAC sponsored the use of audience response devices with 12 new questions, and provided immediate feedback of the results during the conference.
Survey results can be viewed here. (The open ended responses are included at the end of the survey).
The audience response questions and responses can be view here.

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