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Standards for the Professional Practice of Environmental, Health and Safety Auditing

In accordance with BEAC®'s Articles of Incorporation, mission to promote high standards of practice and efforts to be the lead organization for quality certification of environmental, health and safety auditing professionals, the BEAC® Board of Directors has officially adopted the Performance and Program STANDARDS for the Professional Practice of Environmental, Health and Safety Auditing (hereafter referred to as "Standards").

The Standards are the result of a tremendous effort of the BEAC® Standards Board which was established in 1998.  The BEAC® Standards Board studied a number of standards issued by other professional organizations from around the world and concluded that the Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing developed by The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and the Standards for the Professional Practice of Environmental Auditing developed by The Auditing Roundtable (AR) were best suited as the references for the development of standards for the BEAC® certification programs.  Before official adoption, both the General and Performance Standards and Performance Practices were well received in accordance with public comment from a variety of professionals including representatives from The IIA, AR and BEAC® memberships; law firms; accounting firms; environmental, health and safety consultants; and practicing environmental, health and safety auditors in industry.

The BEAC Standards Board reviewd and updated the Standards beginning in 2007. The revised Standards were exposed for public comment in 2008. The final version was reviewed and endorsed by both of BEAC's parent organizations, and in 2009 complimentary copies were provided to all CPEAs and applicants. Copies are available for purchase.

BEAC® recognizes The IIA and the AR leadership for their outstanding support, guidance, and assistance in the development of its Standards.

The BEAC Standards are intended to be a living document.  Accordingly, comments and proposals for changes or additions are welcome at any time.  Any individual or organization commenting or proposing changes or additions to any of the BEAC®'s Standards pronouncements should submit suggestions of this nature to BEAC® in writing directed to the Chairman of the BEAC® Standards Board.

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